Power Up Your New Appliances

Get electrical rewiring services in Heath, Forney or Rockwall, TX

Do your lights flicker or your breakers trip frequently? It might be time to rewire your home. Turn to Forney Electric LLC for electrical rewiring services in Forney, Rockwall or Heath, TX. We can replace the outdated wiring in your home so you'll be able to use all your electrical appliances at once without worrying about overtaxing your system.

Call 972-357-7609 now to schedule electrical rewiring services. Our team has over 20 years of experience rewiring homes big and small.

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Check out the benefits of rewiring your home

Forney Electric offers electrical rewiring services in Heath, Forney and Rockwall, TX. Rewiring your home will:

  • Allow you to use multiple electronic devices without overloading your system
  • Reduce the chances of electrical shocks and fires
  • Give you access to more outlets
  • Lower your energy costs

Upgrading your kitchen appliances? Contact us today to arrange for reliable rewiring services.